Web Design Service

Web Design

Preparing the English version of Japanese websites is increasingly in demand, and, accordingly, so is the translation of
these websites. We at ILC Limited, taking advantage of our experience as a professional translation company,
excel at translation of Japanese websites to English. More specifically, during English website translation,
we choose appropriate words or phrases that are specific to the field of the website content,
such as industry jargon and clichés, or we customize its original content to optimally attract its target users.

English Website Production

We create a fashionably designed English language website, following the latest trends of the target countries or region.

  • Effective English website production

    To produce the most appealing and effective English website, our production department allies with our translation department, who are fully conversant with the rules governing written English.

  • Website production designed for overseas users

    You can place your full trust in us with a cutting-edge but natural design for websites. We provide you with an English website that is visually polished and attractive enough to garner the attention of your target users.

Service Details

Types of websites

Corporate sites, IR sites, service sites, promotion sites, EC sites, campaign sites, landing pages, etc.


CMS, mobile optimized websites, language switching

Multilingual Website Production

We can also create a multilingual website that is displayed in not only English but in Chinese,
Korean, and other foreign languages.

  • Website architecture tailored to each region and language

    We produce a multilingual website that can accompany the customer’s global expansion. By coupling our strength in high-quality translation by our localization team and cutting-edge but natural design by our foreign language website team, we provide the customer with a fully professional multilingual website.

  • Multilingual website production for inbound marketing

    We also produce multilingual websites targeted at foreign visitors to Japan. Our repertoire of these websites includes those serving as media for overseas tourists and those for businesses which are geared to succeed in a new and thriving market.

Service Details

Supported types of websites

Corporate sites, IR sites, service sites, promotion sites, EC sites, campaign sites, landing pages, etc.

Supported languages

Chinese, Korean, etc.

Translating a Japanese website to foreign languages

We translate Japanese websites to a variety of foreign languages.

  • Transforming a Japanese website into a world-class website

    Without any knowledge about proper area or regional targeting, translating a Japanese website to a foreign language leads to vague content description and visitors’ misunderstanding. ILC Limited is fully aware of this risk, and is capable of producing a properly targeted global site.

  • Translation × web

    Our team of professional translation staff and foreign website creators is committed to the convenience of native language readers. This is exemplified by our production of readable global websites and content optimization to magnetize target users.

Request for Web Production Estimate

If you request an estimate, please contact us using our Estimate form
and attach the source document or website information for a prompt estimate.