Audiovisual Translation Service


Do you have any problems with translations of videos?
We translate narration scripts and subtitles, according to the video.

Audiovisual Translation

If you translate the narration script in Japanese into English through this service and use the following English narrator dispatching service,
you will be able to transform your Japanese video into a world-class English video in one-stop.

  • Narration script

    If you translate the narration script in Japanese into English through this service and use the following English narrator dispatching service, you will be able to transform your Japanese video into a world-class English video in one-stop. When translating from Japanese to English, often the text volume increases considerably and becomes much longer. We at ILC Limited rewrite the translated narration script in line with the length (time) of the video, so that a well-balanced narration part of the video can be achieved. We can also offer translation of scripts from English to Japanese.

  • Subtitle translation

    Would you like to convert Japanese subtitles to English ones? If you provide us with Japanese video and scripts, we will create subtitles for your video. We can also offer Japanese translation from the English subtitles.

Basic Fee

* Please inquire about the fee.

Dispatching of Narrators

Provide beautiful and professional narration. We have dispatched narrators for more than 1,000 videos.
Based on your requests we will dispatch an experienced English narrator.

Basic Fee

Narrator type Fee
English narrator ¥100,000 or more*

* Within 15 minutes of video time and within 2 hours on-duty at studios

Introduction of English Narrators (partial list)


Documentary, Radio English Course, Little Charo-Tohoku Edition (English Version)

English guidances

The Edo Tokyo Museum, the Hakone Open-air Museum, the National Museum of Art, Osaka, the National Museum of Nature and Science, Kyoto National Museum, Mitsui Memorial Museum, Mori Art Museum, Nara National Museum, Osaka City Museum of Fine Arts, Saga Prefecture Space and Science Museum, the world’s Tile Museum, the Sony Morita Museum of Art, the Suntory Museum of Art, the Tomioka Silk Mill, the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, the Tokyo National Museum of Modern Art, Towada Art Center, Yokoha Triennale 2017

Web/TV CMs

NTT Group, OMRON Corporation, TOSHIBA CORPORATION, SUMITOMO CHEMICAL COMPANY, LIMITED, Panasonic Corporation, Honda Motorcycle Japan, Asahi Food & Healthcare Co., Ltd., Fourteen Co., Ltd., UNIQLO CO., LTD., Mitsui & Co., Ltd.

Corporate promotion videos

P&G, Yahoo Japan Corporation, DENTSU INC., FUJIFILM Corporation, Hitachi, Ltd., NTT DOCOMO, Panasonic Corporation, SONY Corporation, Canon Inc., Denyo Co., Ltd.

News narrations

The Japan Times, “English Room”


Textbook Publishers’ narratives: Alc Press Inc., GOKEN, Cengage Learning K.K., Obunsha, Seibido Publishing Co., Ltd.


“Charo 2” and “Charo 3” (NHK TV) character voice, “Samurai Wheels,” “Ashita-wo-Tsukame Heisei Wakamono Shigoto Zukan,” “Einstein’s Eye,” “China Wow!/Asia Perspective,” “Cosmic Front,” and “Takeshi’s Art Beat” (NHK World/ International) character voice, “English Listening” English narrator, “K-1 Battle Scramble” main narrator (2006–2009) “American Heroes Parker Show” (USA) main narrator (2007) “Sanma-no-Karakuri TV” (2006–2013)

English guidances

National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo, Kyoto National Museum, Tokyo Tower, JR West and Shinkansen, JR West, JR Hokkaido Shinkansen, JR West Osaka Loop Line, Marui

Corporate promotion videos

SONY, NTT, FUJIFILM Corporation, Epson Corporation, AEON CO., LTD., JAL Pilot Training Video, Canon Inc., Bridgestone Corporation, Olympus Corporation, TYO Inc., Tokyo Station Yaesuguchi Development Project, Tokyo International Film Festival


Fuji TV, TV Asahi, TBS, NHK (NHK Documentary)

Corporate PVs and CMs

TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION, Honda Motor Co., Ltd., NISSAN MOTOR CO., LTD., Panasonic Corporation, Sony Corporation, Japan Airlines Co., Ltd., McDonald’s Company (Japan), Ltd., ALL NIPPON AIRWAYS CO., LTD., NTTdocomo, the VISA, Citigroup Global Markets Japan Inc., the Mitsubishi UFJ Bank, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, KDDI CORPORATION, Nintendo Co., Ltd., KONAMI HOLDINGS CORPORATION, Yamaha Corporation, DHC Corporation, IRISOHYAMA INC., S.T. CORPORATION

Rachel Walzer


NHK World’s many documentary and cultural programs, NHK education “Little Charo” (voice of animation characters)

Corporate PVs and CMs

Nintendo Co., Ltd., SEGA Holdings Co., Ltd., BANDAI NAMCO Holdings Inc., OMRON Corporation, KONAMI HOLDINGS CORPORATION, Japan Airlines Co., Ltd., NEC Corporation, NISSAN MOTOR CO., LTD., Hitachi, Ltd., NTT DOCOMO

English guidances

Mori Art Museum, Hakone Museum of Art, Embassies, Airlines

Request for Audiovisual Translation Estimate

If you request an estimate, please contact us using our Estimate form
and attach the source document or audiovisual data for a prompt estimate.