DTP Service


Committed to beautiful, natural design for native English readers, ILC’s well-versed operators perform English DTP based on English DTP rules.
Other services also available are Japanese DTP and reasonably priced basic DTP services, so please feel free to contact us.

DTP Service

Planning, design, and production for a swath of documents

  • Total support

    ILC is standing by to perform a one-stop production process from planning and DTP to final printing. Our personnel in charge will interview the customer and iron out the details in a careful manner, thereby expediting the process and streamlining the response.

  • High quality

    Backed by a wealth of experience and knowledge, our DTP operators provide a high-quality package of editing, design and layout for your document. We customize your document to the finest detail of your preference, for the sake of the most attractive and effective document design that embodies your visions.

Service Details

Types of documents

Catalogs, pamphlets, posters, manuals/textbooks, information magazines, IR/CSR/environment/annual reports, research papers, official publications, newsletters, company brochures, user guides, etc.

Fonts available

MORISAWA PASSPORT, DynaFont, HAREGO, and other Japanese/English fonts

Translating Japanese Documents to English

We pursue English documents of optimal quality for native English readers.

  • Seamless cooperation between translation and DTP

    Please also entrust us with translating your Japanese documents to English. Back-to-back collaboration between our translation department, professionals in English, and our production department, DTP experts, achieves a professional English version of your Japanese document, such as company brochures, pamphlets, manuals, and any other documents regardless of genre.

  • Cross-border integration of English copywriting and design

    We generate a synergistic effect on our English documents production by fusing the two realms: English copywriting that sounds natural and appealing to native English readers, and elegant layout design based on the rules of English DTP.

Basic DTP Service at Low Cost

Lower-priced than normal, this DTP service is optimal for brief documents, such as reference materials, ledger books, or other general documents.

  • Aiming for a more accessible DTP service

    This basic DTP service is recommended for customers who require brief documents for internal use only (e.g., inside a company or a specific group), but have no time for preparation and seek outsourcing. The delivery date varies with the content and quantity, so please contact us.

  • For documents that require only a little amount of work

    This service is most appropriate for partial modification of the existing layout data, such as a minor change or revision to its design and layout or a small-scale renewal of the data.

Flow of DTP Order

  • Step 1From first inquiry to submission of an estimate

    Please contact us using our Estimate form or telephone. After confirming the purpose, specifications, available budget, and related details of the document to be produced, we will submit an estimate that best fits the customer’s needs.

  • Step 2Production of data

    We perform production based on the customer’s requests. While in close contact with the customer, we complete the final data.

  • Step 3Final printing and delivery

    After the customer’s approval for the final data, we proceed to the printing process. If no issue is found with the finished printing during the customer’s review, the delivery is completed.

Request for DTP Estimate

If you request an estimate, please contact us using our Estimate form
and attach the source document for a prompt estimate.