Translation Service


Our translation services consist of high-grade Quality Translation (English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, etc.)
and reasonably priced Standard Translation (Japanese and English). Quality Translation is accurate and natural,
because the translation by our experienced translators is checked multiple times by our professional proofreaders.
Standard Translation is recommended for cost conscious customers.


Quality Translation

A Quality Translation includes the original translation plus checking and proofreading by both Japanese and native speaker staff. Through a thorough collaborative process between highly experienced translators and keen proofreaders, we provide you with the highest quality translation.

  • ネイティブチェックによる翻訳の完成度の高さ

    The highest integrity of our translation work is assured by our native speaker’s check.

    ILC checks the translated text in accordance with our in-house English writing rule book and carefully proofreads the content. As such, we provide a translation that allows customers to use it with full confidence.

  • お客様のニーズに合わせた翻訳・構成

    Translation and proofreading tailored to your needs

    ILC conducts detailed research on the content to be translated and focuses our translated product to meet your purpose. You can place full trust in us regarding production of your external materials, such as corporate reports or product catalogs, where copywriting is of critical importance.

Service Details


English, Korean, Chinese and other languages (French, Spanish, Thai, Vietnamese, etc.)


IT/Information and Communications (AI, IoT, robotics, etc.)/Medicine, Chemistry, Biotechnology/History and Culture/Politics/Automobiles (Passenger Cars and Commercial Vehicles)/Communications/Machinery/Economics/Finance/Insurance/Pension/Environment & Energy/Civil Engineering & Construction/Distribution & Real Estate/Law/ *For categories not stated above, please feel free to contact us.

Types of documents

IR reports, CSR reports, annual reports, product catalogs, corporate brochures, corporate websites, pamphlets, papers, etc. *For categories not stated above, please feel free to contact us.

File formats

Word, PDF, Excel, PowerPoint *For other formats, please contact us.
*In the case of handwritten documents, an extra fee will be charged for transcription into a digital format.

Basic Fee

Language Japanese → Foreign languages
(per 400 Japanese characters)
Foreign languages → Japanese
English ¥6,000– ¥4,000–
(per 150 English words)
Simplified Chinese ¥6,000– ¥5,000–
(per 400 simplified Chinese characters)
Traditional Chinese ¥6,000– ¥6,000–
(per 400 traditional Chinese characters)
Korean ¥7,000– ¥6,000–
(per 400 Korean characters)

The above are the basic fees. We will make efforts to meet your budgetary requirements. So, please feel free to contact us.
* Please note that the minimum charge for one order for the above languages is ¥10,000 (excluding tax).

Standard Translation

Standard Translation

The Standard Translation consists of machine translation plus human post-editing for cost-conscious customers.
This service is about half the price of Quality Translation.

  • Low cost and quick Optimal for documents subject to your check

    Low cost and quick.
    Optimal for documents subject to your check

    As machine translation is still in its development stage, its accuracy is far from perfect and it is not suitable for translation of documents for external use in and of itself. However, it is an effective means of translation if coupled with checking and correction, or if used for understanding the general meaning of the content. This service is available only for English and Japanese.

  • Quality is assured with post-edit.

    Quality is assured with post-edit.

    Leveraging the professional translation checking that is the strength of ILC, we will correct mistakes found in the basic machine translation before delivery to our customers. This is a low-cost, quality-assured service.

Service Details


Japanese to English/English to Japanese

Basic Fee

Language Per 400 Japanese characters
Japanese to English ¥3,500–
Language Per 150 English words
English to Japanese ¥2,000–

Flow of Translation

  • Step 1Estimate

    Please inform us of the following information from the Estimate form. If we require any confirmation regarding the document to be translated, we will contact the customer. We will submit an estimate by e-mail. Please confirm the estimate and place your order.

    • Pre- and post-translation languages (e.g., Japanese to English)
    • Source document (Word, PDF, etc.)
    (If unavailable, please tell us the number of characters (Japanese, Chinese, Korean, etc.) or the number of words (English, etc.) of the text.)
    • Desired delivery and budget (if necessary)

  • Step 2Checking and proofreading

    A translator specializing in the specific subject matter cited in the document will be responsible for the translation. Japanese checkers check the post-translation document carefully, and our native language staff performs an additional check for the translation. Finally, Japanese checkers check the whole document again to complete the translation.

  • Step 3Delivery

    After obtaining the customer’s approval, we will transmit our invoice.

Request for Translation Estimate

If you request an estimate, please contact us using the Estimate form
and attach the source document for a prompt estimate.