ILC Limited

ILC Limited


  • Translation

    Based on the know-how and experience we have accumulated through our business activities, our lineup of translation services consists of Quality Translation and reasonable Standard Translation (English-Japanese/Japanese-English). With a thorough system of translation checks, we assure reliable quality.

  • Proofreading

    Our meticulous proofreading has been garnering good reviews from many customers. In addition to the proofreading of the English text itself, we provide the layout (composition) improvement of the completed English documents.

  • DTP

    Natural and beautiful document design for the English-speaking world. Experienced operators produce English DTP based on English composition rules. We also offer Japanese DTP as well as simple DTP service that is reasonable.

  • Web Design

    Would you like to create a world-class website? We are committed to cutting-edge and natural web design by professionals in the production of overseas websites. Please also leave the English translation of your Japanese website to us.

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